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Gut Microbiota, Probiotics, and Performance

Week 38

Research has traditionally focused on the effects of diet in support of athletic performance, but emerging data has shown an association between the intestinal microbiota composition and physical activity, suggesting that changes in the gut microbiome may contribute to the physical performance of an athlete.

What your gut can do for you —

A healthy gut is characterized by a high degree of microbial richness (diversity), which can help the body to absorb nutrients, synthesize vitamins, and protect itself from pathogens. Diverse gut microbiota can also help to keep the gut barrier intact, decrease inflammation, stimulate the immune system, and even improve cognitive performance and stress tolerance. The diversity of bacteria in your gut is affected by a number of factors, including diet, exercise, hydration, medication, and lifestyle. Taking the right probiotic daily can have a lasting effect on your overall health and well-being.


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Probiotics and Performance

There is clinical evidence to support the positive effects of probiotics on athletic performance, as well as post-exercise recovery, and the association between exercise and gut health appears to be reciprocal. ¹

the gut microbiome plays a role in physical performance


regular physical activity modulates the gut microbiome

Probiotics and Recovery

Our studies have shown that LYVECAP Strong can modulate the consumption of oxygen at the intestinal level. This allows for more oxygen to be delivered to the heart, lungs, and muscles, which can significantly shorten recovery time after strenuous exercise.

Takeaway: LYVECAP Strong is developed by scientists. Our formulation is a blend of 8 scientifically crafted strains from a proprietary Master Cell Bank, and is clinically proven to improve your overall health by promoting diversity in the gut microbiome, thereby enhancing physical performance, shortening post-exercise recovery times, improving cognitive performance, and providing additional support to the immune system.

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