Professional golfer Sofie Babic carrying her golf bag during a round

Sofie Babic

Sofie is a professional golfer and a recent college graduate from Sacramento State University. She has already accomplished much and is looking to accomplish more. 

Just a few minutes talking with Sofie and you discover the essence of a passionate, determined, and astute human being. Sofie hails from Sweden and attended California State University in Sacramento. In this second LYVECAP athlete feature, we learn about Sofie’s goals and the inner workings of how she is reaching those goals.

Lifelong Dream

Sofie has been dreaming of being a professional golfer since the age of 4 years old. Sofie’s inspiration for golf has come from those close to home. In terms of professional golfers, Sofie sees LPGA legend and fellow countrywoman Annika Sorenstam as a key role model for her golf game. Nevertheless, golf is familial for Sofie. Her parents and late grandpa all played golf, which got her started in the game and kept her going. While Sofie still plays rounds with her parents a lot, she recognizes her grandpa as the main influence for her golfing. Speaking of her grandpa Sofie said, “He was the person who said ‘go to college, go play golf’ he was always a big supporter and influenced me to pursue professional golf.”

“Overall, I want to represent something that I’m proud of, not just performing. I want to be a role model.

Within her main goal to be a professional golfer Sofie still has many other goals. She wants to be a healthy athlete and inspire others to take care of themselves. On a more mental plane she is focused on having a good attitude as an athlete. Simply put, she wants “to represent a good brand that [she is] proud of.” Her goals take hard work, hard work that she is not afraid of and consistently does. 

Consistent Effort For Excellence

Driven by her goals and desire for success, Sofie is not the type of athlete to sit down and do nothing and rest. She is always active in the quest of reaching her goals. Her active, driven nature is in part fueled by the fact that she loves what she does and likes to practice. When she is not at the course you can find her focused in the gym developing strength on a regular basis. Health and fitness of her body are a priority.

“I think that what you put in your body is such a huge investment to your success.” 

In terms of nutrition, Sofie is very picky in what she fuels her body with. Abstaining from foods that might compromise her athletic performance and overall health is not just for show, it is what she really believes. Her decisions for health and wellness are research driven, not based on whimsy or fads. For this reason Sofie says, “I don’t believe in cheat days or any of that.” Her determination to fuel her body properly makes cheat days nonsensical and useless. For Sofie the effort to become a professional golfer and take care of her health isn’t a burden, it’s a way of life that she enjoys, believes in, and wants to live.

Professional Golfer Sofie Babic playing golf

“I eat well because I care about my body.”

A Champion's Mindset

Sofie has the mindset of a champion, the mindset of someone who is poised for success. According to Sofie, all her golf experiences have impacted her to push harder and be more determined to become a professional golfer. She has the champion’s ability to channel great amounts of energy and focus into reaching her goals. She is unafraid of challenges and welcomes the encouragement and competitive balance that comes from other golfers.

In Sweden, Sofie attended a high school that was exclusively for golfers. She then went on to play Division I golf. She has played with players on Sweden’s national team, and has been constantly surrounded by competitive and highly skilled golfers. She sees these competitive environments as a good thing that have helped her push to become better. Sofie says that being surrounded by a network of people consistently pressuring her to become better has pulled her in the  right direction and encouraged her to improve.

Professional golfer Sofie Babic range finding for her next shot

Sofie has her eyes set on excellence.

Utilizing the pressure from those around her to become better is working. Sofie has earned and set records at Sacramento State, including becoming a collegiate champion. She has finished among the top players in numerous highly competitive tournaments. She qualified for and competed in the US Amateur. Sofie’s successes have given her continued confidence that she can be the golfer she aspired to be as a 4 year old girl. Her success is well deserved yet Sofie is striving for more, “It’s a mindset thing. I just know that I can do this.”


Professional golfer Sofie Babic is the focus of our second LYVECAP athlete feature. Sofie is a passionate, determined, astute, and well rounded human ever striving to be her best self both on and off the golf course.

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