The Founding Story of Lyvecap With Dr. Yinka Davies

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The balance of gut flora in the microbiome can have a life-changing impact on gastrointestinal issues and wellness as a whole. The concept for Lyvecap has been a long road of research and clinical observation in pursuit of clean and reliable probiotic supplementation that goes beyond industry standards. In her early practice, founder Dr. Yinka Davies discovered the true power of efficacious probiotics and the market necessity for science-backed formulations.

Dr. Yinka Davies | Discovering The Power of Gut Flora on Disease State

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Dr. Davies is a Pediatric Gastroenterologist whose passion for medicine started at a young age. She always admired the relationship between science and medicine and recognized the necessity for preventive healing measures in the medical field. Her mentor while at Stanford, Dr. Kenneth L Cox, aided in the continued research of the impact of bacterio-therapy on Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, a rare liver disease that impacts the bile ducts, causing chronic symptoms and an unfortunate high recurrence rate after liver transplant.

A pivotal discovery by Dr. Cox demonstrated that Oral Vancomycin halts the progression of the disease entirely in those with early-stage disease. Oral Vancomycin does not get absorbed in the bloodstream, so its effects result from a direct change in the microbiome.

These patients were experiencing a range of debilitating symptoms, including bloody stools, elevated liver enzymes, fatigue, joint pain, and rapidly evolving conditions. Once prescribed Oral Vancomycin, their clinical symptoms improved drastically with the resolution of liver function. This discovery has saved hundreds of patients’ lives from transplants and a debilitating course of the disease, demonstrating the power of gut flora on disease state.

The years of treating young children with gastrointestinal issues, alongside extensive research in Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, were primary motivators in creating the Lyvecap brand. “When you discover ways to mitigate gut flora imbalances, you unlock a world that fosters not only disease treatment but disease prevention,” Dr. Davies says.

The Origins of Dr. Yinka Davies’s Passion For Gut-Fueled Disease Prevention

The Founding Story of Lyvecap With Dr. Yinka Davies

While working at Stanford as a fellow, she treated young children experiencing a wide range of gastrointestinal problems. The influence of bacteriotherapy in disease prevention became a stepping stone in her practice, particularly in the case of an eight-year-old girl, “Sarah.”

“Sarah” had significant diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and enfeebling cramps that were depleting her quality of life. This situation was paramount for Dr. Davies and her determination to find a treatment, one that not only relieved symptoms but helped promote lasting gut healing.

Through extensive testing with the California State Lab, Sarah’s doctors identified the cause of her gastrointestinal distress. Results showed that she had depleted most of her gut flora, and there was a predominance of Klebsiella Oxytoca. This strand of bacterium is a gas producer, which was contributing to her crippling discomfort.

The family had tried many over-the-counter probiotics to re-establish her gut flora. There were no signs of advancement, even while undergoing bacterial overgrowth treatment. At the time, the probiotic, The De Simone formulation, was on the market by Professor Claudio De Simone, an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of intestinal microflora. Over 25 years ago, he developed the formulation on which he has published over 70+ peer-reviewed articles today.

Dr. Davies had worked closely with the family to trial various probiotics on the market. The De Simone formulation was the only probiotic that modified Sarah’s stool samples and showed signs of gut flora repopulation. As her gut flora levels started to re-establish, her side effects clinically improved. To this day, she remains on the De Simone formulation ever since her drastic improvement in 2003.

This experience was an eye-opener in Dr. Davies’s understanding of gut bacteria and its impact on disease state. “When you’re faced with young children enduring chronic gastrointestinal pain and a compromised gut microbiome, these side effects influence their wellness as a whole,” says Davies.

This formulation not only improved Sarah’s symptoms but helped re-establish her healthy gut bacteria. This experience inspired Lyvecap and the power of probiotics with a scientifically proven formulation.

Dr. Yinka Davies Started Lyvecap to Bring Proactive Wellness and Gut Health to the Masses

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Lyvecap started when Dr. Yinka Davies partnered with Claudio De Simone, a world-renowned expert in the field of microbiota and the inventor of the 8-strain formulation. STRONG promotes gastrointestinal healing, decreases post-exercise lactic acid build-up, supports cognitive ability and modulates intestinal oxygen consumption. By reducing oxygen usage at the gut level, there is more oxygen available for other essential organs, including the heart, lungs and muscles.

Gut flora influences more than the digestive tract alone. It has a direct effect on the immune system, mental health, physical endurance, and disease risk factors. These benefits are what make the Lyvecap formulation so advantageous for athletes, weekend warriors, and health enthusiasts alike.

The Lyvecap Mission: Live Well

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Lyvecap aims to demystify gut health by leading with transparency, science, and real results. It’s time to shift the paradigm in the probiotic industry with an honest product that cuts through the noise of unproven supplement claims.

The majority of probiotics on the market today are unregulated. When there is a lack of clinically studied formulations, consumers receive products with no credible efficacy. Lyvecap is different. They are here to change the game in a way that the industry has never seen before.

Lyvecap is your daily reminder to live well from the inside out. By focusing on disease prevention and a science-backed product, they strive to help you live a life of fewer limitations and more opportunities.

The truth is in the science, the story is in the results.

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